Mineral is any naturally occuring chemical element or compound, that have been formed through inorganic processes.

They occur in nature as ore deposits wherein they accumulate through deposition by water, wind and other natural processes. Identification and quantitation of minerals or concentration of metals in minerals is important as they give value to the deposits. The presence of high concentrations of one or more metals makes the ore to be profitably mined.

Geochemical analysis of this mineral plays a vital role in determination of trend and pattern of geology in exploration program. Trace elements serves as indicator of the presence of elements that are associated with them and the probable material present. There are several analytical methods available that applies techniques of decomposition, such as acid digestions, fusions and leaches.

At Al Amri Labs, we offer our clients the following analytical services for minerals(Sample Preparation_Fire Assay_ Instrumental Analysis_ Environmental Analysis)


Soil is a combination of organic and inorganic components that covers the land surfaces of Earth. It is a product of rocks that have been decomposed by natural processes. Soil supports the growth of plants and its composition is vital to its survival.

The study of soil through chemical determination of its components makes up the soil analysis. This covers the metallic and nonmetallic constituents that are important to the growth of plants. The results of analysis are useful for the agricultural people as it gives an idea for its fertility whether it will be productive for the plants or how much nutrients are needed to supplement for its growth.

In Saudi Arabia, soil analysis is important due to geographic differences from other regions of the earth and are offered to the clients mainly for agricultural purposes. One objective of this soil analysis is to provide an index of the availability of nutrients in a given soil to determine the necessary supplementary substance for the growth of the plants.

At Al Amri Labs, the obtainable nutrients from soil are determined according to sodium, potassium, calcium magnesium, nitrogen as nitrate, phosphorous as phosphate, and carbon as carbonate/bicarbonate. Other analyses are also offered upon request.


In 1981, Al Amri Trading and Transporting Company in Saudi Arabia was awarded by the Environmental Engineering Division of the local government to handle the operation of the Phase 4 desalination plant in Jeddah City. Among others, this Division is responsible for overseeing the operations of the plant, for checking the quality of water produced and the oil spillage from the generators, and for assessing the environmental effects of the spilled oil, particularly on soil.


The direct and immediate consequence of the operation of the city’s desalination plant operation was the growth of investments on water purification projects. This prompted Al Amri Trading to extend its water analyses services to private companies. As the demand for water, soil and oil analyses continued to increase, in 1982 the management decided to open the laboratory services to the public. It was then constituted as a separate division of the Company resulting to the establishment of what is now known as AL Amri Labs.


In 1999, the service area of Al Amri Labs was expanded by the addition of the field of mineralogical testing. The expansion was foreseen to be viable because of the aggressive efforts of the national government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to develop the country’s mineral resources. Time has witnessed that such foresight was accurate. Inspired by this successful expansion, the management of Al Amri Labs established the ZED International for Mining and Construction Limited, of which the laboratory is one of its branches, that aims to offer solutions to the concerns of mining exploration and related companies.


Today, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, AL Amri Labs remains to be among the industry leaders in the field of water testing and is second to none in the field of mineralogical testing. The company is embarking on a development program to better address the growing needs of its clients. The on-going construction of a new laboratory facility is the first step towards that direction.