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The preferred partner in the field of laboratory testing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the Arab Gulf  and neighboring countries renowned for its excellence in analytical science and commitment to the development  of the economy of the region.  OUR VISION  To be an active participant of the scientific community in the Kingdom.  To totally satisfy our clients in every aspect of laboratory service that we offer.  To maintain a successful work team that can professionally relate with our clients and suppliers.  OUR OBJECTIVE  To conduct scientific studies that are relevant to the success of economic development efforts.  To meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients, with regards to operational efficiency and competency.  To conduct laboratory operations and processes according to standard procedures.  To maintain highly motivated and competent laboratory staff with good work attitudes and high moral values.   To upgrade the laboratory facilities and operating systems to international standards.

In 1981, the Environmental Engineer- ing Division of Al Amri Trading and Transporting Company in Saudi Arabia was established to oversee the operation of the first desalination plant in Saudi Arabia. Part of its tasks were to check the water produced, routine motor and generator oil evaluation and waste disposal on soil Due to the demand on purified water, investment expands in 1982, which also demand water analysis. The analytical services was opened to the public and operated as Al Amri Labs Company to cater the demands. Other than petroleum the Kingdom has a vast mineral resources reserved. The government diversifi- cation to develop this sector prompted us to expand our services, that in 1999 the mineral analysis section was established. The first lab that offers mineral services.

Al Amri Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified laboratory, equipped with internationally rec- ognized instrument and operated by compe- tent chemists and technicians. We are the first laboratory in the Kingdom to operate a 4kW Shimadzu XRF and the first to own a 4kW Zetium XRF from PANAlytical.

We regularly participate in round robin conducted by Geostats Pty Ltd Australia and integrate in our system certified reference materials from accredited manufacturer.

The management of Al Amri Labs is committed to quality and continuous improvement in all aspects of the organization, to provide analytical services of the highest standard and reliability with emphasis on customer requirements at reasonable prices. We are proud to be one of the pillars in the analytical field in the Kingdom’s mineral industry.

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The management of AL-Amri Labs is committed to     

quality and continuous improvement

in all aspects of the organization

in order to provide analytical services 

the highest standard and reliability

at a reasonable price anchored on 

customer satisfaction.

Certified Care
We are Certified by the ISO Standards
Great Staff
Our Laboratory is manned by highly experienced staff
We Work with at most safety to our employees
For 25+ years we provided quality results to our client
Great Staff


Al Amri Labs is equipped with modern analytical instruments that are used in the determination of desired analytes in the samples
  •  Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers (AAS) are used to quantify the amounts of certain metallic elements in ores and, to permit the determination of these elements with better sensitivities and detection limits.
  •  X-ray Fluorescence Spectrophotometer (XRF) which is a powerful instrument for assaying the amounts of major oxides in the samples though the examination of glass beads that are prepared using the fusion machine
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrophotometer(ICP-OES) machine which is a more sensitive and convenient instrument for base metals machine.